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TweenScreen really gave us the opportunity to open up new discussions in our house.
I thought that I knew what my kids were thinking, boy was I wrong.
TweenScreen would have really helped me when I couldn't explain myself to my parents.
Wow, I wish I had this when I was growing up!
I wish I could I have brought two pets on the adventure with me!
Can I do it again?
This was awesome!
That dog was so fun!

Great program, I can't wait until it is live!

Excellent presentation and compelling need.

Big unmet need!

Really like the school connection, pediatricians and schools are key to addressing this problem. Such a need.

Great Work! You have definitely identified a true gap in healthcare with identifying the mental health needs of our children and adolescence.

Without action in the future, the broad impacts of poor mental health are likely to be even greater as depression, in particular, is predicted to become the leading cause of morbidity in high-income countries by 2030.
Return on Investment -
There are close to 30 years of research showing how effective integration of mental health into primary care is.
Ben Miller

The first-place winner of the Audience Award at the Hayvn Hatch female-centric pitch night in September 2019.
Hayvn Hatch
A company like FuturesTHRIVE(TM) can develop accessible and affordable technology-driven products that equip school teams with user-friendly universal screening tools which offer the 167,000 plus elementary, middle and high schools in the US an impactful solution to pediatric mental health.
The School Counselor’s Guide to Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)
Pediatricians are well trained to help their patients when they are able to identify who needs help. An easily accessed, serially used, valid, inclusive, and trauma-informed screening tool would benefit families and primary care health care providers who seek to incorporate mental health screening in every visit. The data show that this is critical to improving the health and well-being of children. I am excited that fT’s proposed solution addresses these shortcomings.
Jamie Murray, MD, MPH
By minimizing the amount of time needed for a doctor or nurse to administer the screening tool, it will help better leverage the time they are spending with patients and their families.  We need to assess children who need more mental health supports as early as possible so that needed treatment can begin sooner. The sooner the treatment, the quicker the recovery. 
Patricia Gail Bray, PhD