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Tools for Elementary

One of my favorite young resources is Kimochis®. Feelings fuel behavior. Developing children have lots big, small and even unexpected feelings they need to learn to manage. Kimochis helps you give them an emotional vocabulary. They even have a Parenting Partner®.

Created through the collaboration of a clinical psychologist, educational director and Kimochis® co-founder, and tested by child therapists around the country here are some free resources for home, but we also suggest the Mixed Bag of Feelings.

Direct link to their free tools

Free Videos About Mental Health

Time seems to evaporate these days! We know you don’t have a lot. So rather than suggesting a lot of books we like these short videos from PsychHub™. Informative and helpful they are part of a bigger library your can find on the PsychHub™ site, but we scaled down some primary concerns for you.

Learn More About Trauma

The word trauma seems scary. And yet, it seems to be all around us in Trauma is more common than we think and the term is often misunderstood. “Trauma happens when an intense experience stuns a child like a bolt out of the blue; it overwhelms the child, leaving him altered and dis-connected from his body, mind and spirit. Any coping mechanisms the child may have had are undermined, and he or she feels utterly helpless. Trauma can also be the result of ongoing fear and nervous tension.”*

A traumatic event can include a severe fall, a broken bone, or something as simple as a scary movie. No two children experience an event or situation the exact same way, so their internal reactions are as unique to them. As a result, an event that causes trauma for one child may not necessarily cause trauma for another.

Further we, now know post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), previously associated with Veterans, can actually happen in all people, including kids.

One of our favorite books: *Trauma Proofing Your Kids Peter Levine

No Limit Generation has also put together an incredible video series regarding supporting kids specifically.

As parents we are asked to do a lot!

Easy Videos on Types of Therapy

Reading books can take time and leave us feeling like we don’t do enough. We picked a few helpful videos from PsychHub to help you digest treatment options, however there are lots of good books and other resources as well.

Adverse (ACE) and Positive (PCE) Childhood Experiences

While we don’t want you to leaver out site, sometimes it is better to let the experts lay out the details. The link provided here is an excellent way to learn about childhood experiences that impact a child forever. Both positive and negative.

Ignite Fire Pitch Finalist

Fire Pitch 2021 is Ignite Healthcare Network’s 5th annual mini-accelerator program created to encourage innovation in emerging women-led digital health and med-tech companies. The program provides women-led healthcare start-ups with the unique opportunity to engage with potential customers and investors to assess their solutions and advise them on what they need to build successful businesses.

Our Partner: Executives at Texas Children’s Pediatrics 


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What the Judges Are Saying

Great program, I can’t wait until it is live!

I really like the school connection, pediatricians and schools are key to addressing this problem. Such a need.

Great Work! You have definitely identified a true gap in healthcare with identifying the mental health needs of our children and adolescence.

Big unmet need!

Excellent presentation and compelling need.