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The Problem

Mental health disorders are the single most expensive category of health costs for many employers across all industries and size, yet only 6.2% of health care spending is for mental health. – “Tallying Mental Illness’ Costs”, Time Magazine, May 2008

Untreated mental health conditions cost our country $100 billion annually. – “Tallying Mental Illness’ Costs”, Time Magazine, May 2008

Although 1 in 5 children have a diagnosable mental health condition, mental health issues are significantly more common than either of the currently screened hearing or vision issues.

The prevalence of mental health diagnoses is far greater than vision and hearing concerns, yet we do not have an accessible, easy, standardized method for screening proactively for mental health.

Childhood Concerns

Science repeatedly shows that social-emotional development and mental wellness can be tracked in order to mitigate illness and subsequent consequences, further proving the urgency for preventative intervention and longitudinal tracking of mental health concerns.

There is little support for prevention or services to children with emerging or mild/moderate conditions. The chronically under-funded public mental health system focuses on those with severe impairment.

Our Solution

A technology-driven screening tool that introduces a new experience for the parent and child during a wellness visit using:

  • A clinically backed AI screening device that detects the warning signs of mental health concerns
  • In-office supportive care 
  • Community-wide mental health education measures

At the core of this model is the web-enabled, HIPAA compliant mental health screener for ages 4-24. This tool utilizes the latest AI technology, such as affect matching and voice inflection recognition, and in-depth research to mine accurate information which will then provide an unparalleled, dynamic view of each child’s mental health. The screening tool will be integrated into pediatric offices alongside well-trained staff and copious resources to create a seamless and effective screening process and follow-up procedures.



The fT screener will provide a first-of-its-kind personalized mental health assessment offering a gentle path for education that currently doesn’t exist. Educating parents before signs and symptoms thereby preparing them for the instance that a more thorough assessment is needed and de-stigmatizing the conversation around mental health that parents often feel.


The fT screener will provide a comprehensive tool that is accessible for children of all ages to use and automatically completes the initial assessment with information. This results in a much needed connection of the 21st century kid with 21st century mental health science.


The fT screener will provide measurable data early and often which will provide greater levels of confidence about the treatment protocols and outcomes. Further treatment will not be delayed and recovery can be achieved more quickly.