Mainstreaming Mental Health

At …futuresTHRIVE, we believe knowledge is the wellspring of health. By combining the power of artificial intelligence with human wisdom and heart, we will make pediatric mental health screening commonplace while educating America that a cared-for mind is vital to a healthy life.

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Ignorance and Stigma are Stealing Childhoods


One in five children in the U.S. has a diagnosable mental health condition.*


Half of all mental health conditions have an onset by age 14.**


Seventy-five percent of mental health conditions are present by age 24.**


Less than 20% of those diagnosed will receive treatment.*

*Source – Centers for Disease Control
**Source – National Institute of Mental Health

Mental illness thrives in the dark.

It hides in the shadow of ignorance, guilt and shame. Only the light of knowledge can expose the truth and deliver children and families from illness and stigma. …futuresTHRIVE is that light.

Mental Illness is Taking a Toll

The average time from the onset of a mental health condition to intervention is 10 years.*

There are approximately 44 million adults struggling with mental health conditions.**

25% of people struggling with mental health conditions have co-occurring active addiction disorders.*

*Source – World Health Organization
**Source – Center for Disease Control

Mental health issues are more prevalent than other typically screened pediatric conditions like vision and hearing loss, yet no universal mental health protocol exists.

Mental Health Conditions Cost

Americans with major mental illness die on average 14-32 years earlier than the general population.

The lack of employee productivity costs employers $1.5 trillion per year vs. the $150 billion cost of absenteeism, making the well-being of employees (and their families) vital.

Mental health disorders are the single most expensive category of health costs for many employers across all industries and sizes.

*Source – Clocking in and checking out”. VirginPulse 2015 Study for Global Challenge
**Source – Steinberg Institute

Approximately 4,446 children ages 1-19 die of cancer every year. Approximately 4,600 children 10-24 die by suicide with another 157,000 being treated in ERs across the country for self-inflicted injuries.

As a society we would never accept a six-month wait for a doctor’s appointment for the child diagnosed with cancer, yet “wait”, is exactly what a child with a mental health condition such as suicidal thoughts does. 

The …futuresTHRIVE Solution

The …futuresTHRIVE model uses a technology-driven mental health screening tool during the pediatric well-child visit in order to flag for mental health early and often. Mental health is a far greater and more common concern than either of the currently screened hearing or vision issues. 

The …futuresTHRIVE model partners mental health practitioners with pediatricians, enabling family education and faster follow-up while reducing stigma and fear. Our model also provides economic incentives for health seeking behavior.
The …futuresTHRIVE model provides extensive community support so that mental health education in the form of speakers, written materials, and social-emotional learning programs is commonplace. We provide resources to support a future where children thrive.




 Wendy Ward, Founder

A former advertising and sales executive with a psychology degree from Denison University, Wendy uses her deep communications expertise and her family’s own mental health struggle to fuel her passion for mainstreaming mental healthcare. Wendy is a 2018 YWCA Women of Distinction Awardee. She is certified in Mental Health First Aid ™ and a Kimochis facilitator™. 


Samier Mansur, Director of AI Development

Samier is a proven social impact entrepreneur, recognized as  a “Top innovator and disruptor” of Washington, D.C. He has spent his career at the intersection of technology, global policy, and mental health and has designed solutions that saved lives and reached millions Internationally. He is co-founder of the nationally recognized LiveSafe mobile safety app that provides safety and security to over 4 million people and their communities. He is also founder of the global child well-being platform, No Limit Generation, has over 40 global publications and has spoken on the TEDx stage. 

Masat Rysaliev, Director of Technology & Design & Data Security

Maksat has 15 years of software and hardware enterprise development.  Under his leadership his teams have gained immense experience in IoT devices and custom enterprise-level built platforms. He is a FIFA Development Committee member and Technology Advisor to Olympic Council of Asia. He is focused on building a company’s tech talent base from various backgrounds in design, software, hardware,  and marketing  to deliver technically superior and commercially competitive solutions.


Tracy Beeson, Delivery Lead, Vroom
Sandra Birch, LMSW, Peru, Vermont
Noelle Nevins, NCC, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate 
Kate Knowles, Founder Yellowdog Promotions
Susanne Navas, Addiction Recovery & Prevention Coach

Christine Sullivan, Business Advisor, CT Small Business Development Center
Toby Trygg, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Health and Founding Member, Facebook Health Advisory Community

Medical Advisory

Amanda Craig, Ph.D., L.M.F.T,  Founder, Manhattan Marriage & Family Therapy

Be the change your community needs:

Decades of health research show that early intervention is by far the most effective means of preventative care. With your support we can change the devastating outcomes of untreated mental health conditions.

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